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  • Posted Jan 6

    Cleaning Challenge for January

    January is a rough month because the days are short and it is cold outside. Utilize your indoor time and clean up indoors to keep moving during the chilly days.

    Work on your challenge weekly. Recommend at least one challenge per week if possible two or more.

    Dust it Off

    Get that duster out and start dusting off the dust bunnies hanging around the house. Dust up the blinds, corners, and window sills.

    Clean Those Curtains

    Take them down and wash, press, and hang up curtains. They will be clean and ready for spring.

    Check Out the Pots and Pans

    Now is a good time to toss out pots and pans that are no longer in good shape. Be sure to also replace and toss out baking sheets as well. Give the oven a good cleaning now that the holidays are over.

    De-Clutter and Donate

    Get a box for items in the house no longer needed or being used to donate. Pick out at least fifteen items.

    Check Out the Lights

    Wash your light fixtures, replace bulbs, and dust off ceiling fans.

    Heating Service to Improve Air Quality

    Healthy air means clean healthy heating filters and vents. Give them a little attention and replace your filter and even have your vents clean out.

    Reduce the Fashion Collection

    Try tossing out at least one pair of shoes and 8 clothing items you do not wear.

    Toss the Expired

    Go through the house for things that expire and start tossing them out. This is not limited to food items. Prescription, over the counter drugs, and spices.

    Dump the Junk Drawers

    De-clutter, reorganize, and clean out those junk drawers.

    Shower Clean

    Soak shower heads with vinegar, clean replace caulk, and hair removal from the drain.

    Clean Your Phone

    Go through your phone and delete off unused apps, save photos on the cloud, and clear up disk space on your phone. Don't forget to give it a good wipe down too.

    Flip the Bed

    Steam mattresses and flip them, replace pillows and bedding.

    Jewelry Box

    This is sometimes ignored. Organize, clean up, and polish up jewelry. Toss out jewelry you no longer like.

    Tidy Up Email

    Go through your email accounts and clean it up. Delete older emails or sort wanted emails in folders.

    Let us know your progress with your January cleaning.