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  • Posted November 12, 2018
    De clutter your home and improve the space

    Improving Your Home Space

    Filling your home with a lot of wonderful things may sometimes also mean saying goodbye to outdated and unused items. There are many reasons to de-clutter your home to make your living life more pleasant.

    Reasons to De-clutter the Home

    Chaos and Mental Wellness

    Too much of anything is not healthy physically or mentally. Clutter has an effect on our mental and physical well being. Areas that accumulate clutter are:

    - The closet
    - The basement storage
    - The garage
    - The Kitchen

    These four areas you should pay close attention to when doing your seasonal deep cleaning. We somehow accumulate too many things to fit in these areas.

    The Closet, Storage, and Garage

    Closets accumulate clothes, bedding, towels, shoes, and many other things. When de-cluttering your closet the important questions to ask are:

    1. Have I worn this within the past year?
    2. Will I use this in the next year?
    3. Does this belong in this part of the house?
    4. Do I have multiple of this particular item?
    5. Is it outdated?
    6. Is it broken or have missing pieces?
    7. Is it stained or torn?
    8. Do I really need this?

    Answering these questions will help you decide if items need to stay or be removed.

    De-cluttering the Kitchen

    The kitchen holds the highest traffic area and one of the most cluttered spots in the house. Between mismatched dishes, endless unused coffee mugs, water bottles with missing tops, and tupperware scattered we need to keep the kitchen organized and eliminate items we do not need.

    Dishes and Utensils

    I personally do not like mix matched dishes and utensils; however, sometimes we have to deal with it until we can replace them. Every start or end of the season consider replacing sets (utensils, glasses, tupperware, cups, utensils, pots and pans.


    We can sometimes accumulate too many appliances. Most people struggle with having too many and no space to store it. For example blender, toaster, waffle maker, food chopper, coffee bean grinder, food dehydrator, and crock pot.

    Depending on the season you may want to store appliances that are not being used for the season in another location to save space in storage. Other ideas is to remove appliances that simply never get used. Replacing appliances should be done when the product is outdated or has damages.

    Home Decorations

    We can also accumulate home decorations over time. Going through each room consider removing items that are outdated, chipped/broken, faded, or loss of color. Consider updating pictures in frames to give your room a new look. Replace items with new items for fresh designs. I have been known to move themed home decorations around. For example I used to do the moose/bear wood theme for the living room. Later I moved the theme to the family room. Now it has been relocated to my husband's office. Some times giving other rooms a fresh look by reusing existing decorations can help give a room a new design.

    Those Drawers and other Storage Places

    Don't forget about drawers and and storage boxes. These too need to be reorganized and remove items either outdated or do not belong in that drawer/box. Games and dvds should be placed back into their appropriate containers. If they are missing a piece consider tossing.

    Crafts, Accessories, and Makeup

    As women we love to accumulate a lot of items. It is important to go through our makeup and beauty supplies at least once a month toss out expired items.

    Crafts tend to accumulate and expire as well. Toss out or donate craft items that will likely not get used or you consider expired for your future projects.

    De-clutter Often

    If you de-clutter regularly you will be making room for newer things. You will also have less to sort through in the future. This is a great reason to de-clutter your home often.
  • Posted May 16
    Now is a good time to de-clutter the home because now is a good time to have a garage sale! Tell us what you have done to improve the space in your home.