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  • Posted November 11, 2018

    Getting the House Ready for Thanksgiving and Guests

    So I kind of forgot I had this going - oops! I know my bad! I been actually cleaning and then trying to keep up with other parts of Tiki Hut and de-cluttered the social media accounts (haha).

    So this week we may have to double up since I am a week behind. I personally think it is easier to clean (physically clean) if you organize first. Here is why.

    Stuff Take Up Space and Time

    If you start cleaning before you do the organize (some additional de-clutter) you find yourself being distracted putting stuff away, finding a place for stuff, or removing stuff to clean. For example books on shelves you take them all down to give the shelf a good cleaning. Sometimes we have stuff that doesn't really have a place but should. Remote for the tv, magazines, cat toys, and so forth. Everything should have a place to go out of the way. So might find yourself de-cluttering some more while organizing. So organize rooms first before you start cleaning.

    What Not To Organize and Clean

    The cupboards. Give the outside a good wipe down and cleaning but honestly I find deep cleaning cupboards and kitchen after the holiday is over. Here is why. To me it just does not make logical sense to spend hours scrubbing down your kitchen then comes Thanksgiving and the day after your stove, cupboard, counter tops, and kitchen looks almost the same as it did before Thanksgiving. So what I do is polish the outside so your kitchen looks clean. Make sure you have counter tops, appliances all wiped down and ready. The oven should also be cleaned so you do not have the burning scent. I never deep clean the over before Thanksgiving. I will afterwards. The choice is yours but I figure I will have all dishes out and the kitchen will be a disaster zone might as well remove and deep clean cupboards after Thanksgiving.

    Preparing for Guests Comes First

    The first thing you should do is prepare the rooms and bathroom for your coming guests. Some come early before Thanksgiving so you want to have this ready. This week will be a good week to organize the guestroom, make room the closet, give them some places to store their belongings, and bathroom accessories. Although not all tips and tricks can be attractive functionality must come first before attractive. If possible meet both goals.

    Here is a handy trick I use in my office.  Closet Door Shoe Organizer for guest to store bathroom accessories like brushes, toothbrush, medication, so forth. These will be also handy in the guest room to store other items such as shoes, socks, underwear, jewelry or whatever. I use these things to organize my office supplies. Works wonders. Not attractive but functional. I would put one in the bathroom and one in the guest room.

    Don't forget to get a few items for guests such as extra tooth brush, toothpaste, small containers of soap, shampoo, and other items that may be forgotten. It saves the stress running to the store.

    Bathroom Scrub

    This week will also be a good time to organize and clean up your bathroom. When we moved a few months ago the rental house was clean but not cleaned. For example the toilet had a lot of ew stuff around the hinges and around the base was really nasty. So I went and got some hard bristles tooth brushes sprayed some vinegar and then sprinkle baking soda on top to active the power of scrubs! This will really do some magic. I use the tooth brush to scrub around areas that are hard to reach to remove urine and other unwanted ew stuff. The other option is to remove the toilet seat cover and then scrub the hinges while removed.

    Some things you may also want to watch for is corners on the floor, behind the toilet, and lighting fixture. It would be a good idea to organize under the sink check for leaks, and stock up on toilet paper! I cannot count how many times I have gone as a guest to houses and you cannot find any toilet paper. So get those toilet papers in there and then on the day of the event put a few rolls on top of the toilet cover. Your guest will thank you!

    I also purchase a few bottles of Poopourri and some air spray for the bathroom. I always appreciate these things when visiting as a guest. Nothing is more uncomfortable than using the bathroom as a guest and leaving a scent.

    Coat Valet

    This is also often over looked until the day of the holiday. Where will your guest store their shoes and coats? One year we set up our guests to enter through the garage we had a snow shake down area then rug area people could remove their snow boots. Coats were hung up on a portable clothes rack. If you have a lot of people coming you might need a few racks. You could if you want provide shoe racks; however, snow boots often do not fit on these. They will come in handy to help organize little shoes and boots for kids. We also turn on a heater so the garage is warmer. Typically in our area the weather will be around 0-20 degrees.

    Family and Living Room

    Since this is where most of your guests will hang out you will want to start getting these areas cleaned up. Remove personal decorations if possible so they are not damaged by the traffic flow and kids. Get your area organized if you have a lot of items. I am really picky about the living room area so I keep minimal things in it. However; the family room area is typically in our basement and we have a lot of things in that room. Some things we set up are game boards, we have indoor basketball hoop, pool table, and so forth. Make sure there are tables people can sit and play game boards with chairs. Portable tables and chairs will be perfectly fine!

    We also like to set up the XBox and put up group games so multiple players can play.

    Remember the focus of this week is to get your guests ready for next week. Then start working your way to the living/family room areas. Dining room and kitchen will be last. Do your regular weekly or daily cleaning in the rest of the rooms.
  • Posted November 12, 2018
    Oh I love that game room!