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  • Posted November 4, 2018
    We are focusing on getting ready for Thanksgiving (assuming you are hosting the event or guests). Let us help you get focused on ideas how you can de-clutter this week to prepare for the event.

    First let's start with the reason why you should de-clutter.

    First Impression Matters

    So first impression how well you keep up your house matters. Even if the house is not perfect the one thing that people judge more is the amount of clutter around the house. Clutter equals crowded house. A crowded house is not comfortable for you or the guests. We love our things however; our guests do not share the same passion as we do with all our collected items taking up space. So instead keep your collection in a collection room or simply put them away temporarily until the holiday is over.

    Clutter also suggests you do not clean or care for your things. Clutter is often piled whether it be in a closet, under the bed, in your drawers, or filling up a room. Clutter decreases the functionality of your home. Number rule with clutter - if you are not using it and have not used it within the past few years chances are you do not need it. Clutter such as photos or important treasures can be better organized to decrease the space they consume.

    Clutter Cost Money

    Several ways clutter can cost money. First you often lose things when they are lost in the cluster of piled items all over the house. I know if I am not organized I will often find myself searching for items taking longer than normal. Staying organized and keeping things neatly put away helps reduce time wasting when looking for them, putting them away, or using them.

    Clutter can also be costly because you may either be buying too much of something or buying it because you could not find it. We have serious issues with scissors. I have no idea why but I find myself buying at least ten pairs of scissors around the holiday time. Since moving into a rental with a lot less space I have learned to better organize my items. I now place scissors in a shoe hanging pocket that is hung on the inside of my office closet door. Not only that but I also have pens, pencils, sticky note pads, staples, and other small office supplies in each pocket. You would be surprised how much time I have saved re-organizing these things vs when I used to store them in drawers.

    Energy and Time Wasted

    I already explained that searching for items (scissors and tape in my case) will waste so much time and effort. Gathering then piling in a pile again you later decide you do not have time to properly put them away get tossed in a box and later forget they were there. Yes clutter robs you time from having some "me time" or spending it with a friend, or pleasure shopping for the holidays. Instead you find yourself agitated and rushed because things are not organized or placed where they should be. This makes us more tired and stressful which is not a good way to enjoy the holidays.

    Wasting Space and Lack of Functionality

    There is a huge difference between utilizing how you organize things compared to things that simply do not have any rational functionality. For example I never hung shoe organizers in my closets because we often live in new homes. My hubby is a builder so we move every three years or so. I often like to keep my house looking attractive and clean. The reality is I find I am purchasing more baskets, shelves, other accessories that consume "space". Next thing I know my room is cluttered with too many boxes or other items to store items. This is not functional. While we want our homes to be attractive we need to be sure the items we buy to store our clutter goods is functional. Because I had to down size to a smaller rental I found that simply using better organization techniques is better. For example the shoe organizer to store and sort office supplies. It is not attractive but it can be hidden by keeping my closet door closed. I no longer dump out endless scattered office items in drawers because I cannot find a paper clip! As a matter of fact one of my monthly tasks included re-organizing my office drawer. I no longer have to do this because I keep everything in the shoe organizer. This is functional!

    Avoid Model Home Style

    My hubby is a realtor and builder. For years when we had little money and lived in an older run down house I admired my inlaws luxury living in a Martha Stewart perfect home. Of course I only went there for the holidays or quick visits because they live in the same town. It was always nice visiting a clean, uncluttered, fashionable home. When we bought our first home I found it almost impossible to keep up with the perfect model home environment. When you have kids, three cats, and three dogs it just isn't happening. My inlaws had no kids living at home, no pets, and rarely home. So it makes sense how they can manage to keep the place clean all the time. Let us not forget she often hired housekeepers.

    The point I am making is if your house is too perfect or clean it can be uncomfortable for the guests. My inlaws are pretty laid back so I never felt uncomfortable. When the brother in law comes to visit I do notice they are a bit messy and it never seems to bother my mother in law. She also preps the guest room and bathroom so that it has the necessities for their stay. They do not worry too much on a messy house when there is guests.

    Don't over do it setting up your house to look like a model home. This is your home, your personality, your place where you escape the world. It should be functional and comfortable. We have rented plenty of homes while in Hawaii and many of them suited with home comfort rather than hotel style. These homes are much more enjoyable compared to a house that is just too perfect you are afraid to move in it.

    Prep for the Guests

    As I stated before when preparing the house and guest room prepare them for the guest. Imagine if you were a visitor what would you need and how can you make the visit as comfortable as possible. Providing some supplies freeing up the laundry room, and providing entertainment such as dvds, game boards, and so forth are all great ideas. Do not forget about space for guest to store clothing, personal bathroom items, and more. Have an extra set of sheets and blankets along with pillows ready.

    These are great reasons to start decluttering your home and space. Even better reason to impress your guest how organized you are. Be sure to make your home comfortable meaning do not surprise your guests with a bunch of clutter. Let us know what you did this week!
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