Miss everyone

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  • Good morning everyone, finally remember my password lmfao Well, as usual, alot going on ????‍♀️Dad's refusing chemotherapy and radiation treatment for his colon cancer. I am almost completely healed from surgery #2 on my knee. Thought it was another torn meniscus but they discovered a cyst on the bottom of my knee cap, so they removed it .Medicare says my knees not bad enough for total knee replacement and the tribe won't approve the surgery unless Medicare does.Had to have a spacer bar put in above the 3 and a half inch steel rod in my lower back, putting the nerves and blood vessels through the bar so that they don't get pinched anymore. My brother that I was helping clean up from his addiction to that white chemical shit is now in treatment, he finally got strong enough to go. Now I have my oldest Son here helping me with dad. He's also cleaning up from that white chemical shit. My family knows that I will help them as long as I see them trying. I'm currently waiting for my thyroid specialist to schedule a biopsy on the 2 lumps in my right thyroid. I refuse to give into my diseases and disabilities ????Tom and I are doing better in our marriage, I think it's going to work out. My youngest Son is graduating next month OMG ????Other than that life's been good ????????‍♀️I hope everyone is doing well and had an amazing Mother day.
      May 21, 2019 1:06 PM MDT