How to Collect Points

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  • Collecting Activity Points

    Leveling Up and Badges

    Site Activity Points

    Participate in the website by activity adding content, commenting, liking, posting, creating new topics, replying, and more. There is no limit where and what you can add or contribute to the website. Each level have a maximum per activity they can receive points for. Limits help prevent unwanted spamming in the site activities. So word of advice browse the site and be active! Limits reset the next day.

    Cash in Points to Level Up

    You want to collect points so you can level up to the next level and badge. Badges help you identify where you are on the leadership level. Every level offers something unique for our members. Active members such as Friends and Family earn extra points for leveling up, less advertisement displayed, more disk space offered to upload photos and other media. They also have access to enter challenges to win gift cards and prizes. So start participating and level up! The higher up your level the greater the awards are!

    How to Level Up

    Visit Points/Badges on the top menu and view how many points you have available. If you have enough points you can see where you can upgrade to the next level. Click Upgrade Level. Site administrators must approve your request. Once you have been approved the administrator will send you points and contact you on any membership gifts you may have earned.


    If you are not receiving points for your participation please let us know!

    NOTICE (Uploading Images)
    Due to the fact that uploading images and files to MTH takes up disk space on our server, we deduct points for every upload. This helps us keep these monitored and at a minimum level. Please note that if you use the "Image Linking" option which is available on most of our site editors those are unlimited with no charge! We encourage members to use the image URL option over the uploading images onto our server. 

    Additional notes on uploading images: We have looked into options to rent additional server space for storing images and the cost to rent starts with minimal of $100 a month. The more space we use the more expensive it gets. So to keep the site free and simple we ask we keep the disk space to minimal usage as possible.

    Learn About Badges and Awards Here
      May 11, 2019 2:52 PM MDT